Using the Wood Stove Tower

The ultra-light outdoor kitchen “Tower” is your new best outdoor companion. With its compact format and practical storage bag, it is easy to take on the trip. When your stomach starts rumbling, just fold it up, put the included grill grate and ash tray and start a fire with what nature has to offer.

Tips and tricks

    • The tower’s cubic design makes it very stable. However, be sure to place it on a flat surface before you start to fire and use it, so that it stands firmly.
    • We want to leave nature in the same condition as when we arrived, so don’t forget to protect the surface with the included ash tray.
    • The grid must lie firmly and not slide around. If you notice that it is moving, it has ended up upside down. Very easily happened, happens to the best.
    • In order for the fire experience to go as quickly and painlessly as possible, we usually start with a good foundation. Start by placing a bed of birch-bark or newspaper on top of the grate to prevent twigs and small sticks from falling through. And you, don’t skimp! Fill up with plenty of fuel right from the start.
    • Don’t forget that steel gets hot, very hot. Therefore, be careful when handling your outdoor kitchen. If you need to open the hatch to fill up with fuel, use a stick or barbecue tongs. Or use oven mitts or heat-resistant gloves. Do not attempt to move or touch it until it has cooled.
    • Finally, make sure the ash has cooled before pouring it out. And let the Tower cool down before you put it in the bag.
This is how easy it is to use the Wood Stove Tower.

Cooking tips

So what are you going to cook on your Tower? well, really, the only limit is your imagination. Use the grill grate to grill meat, fish or chicken. Or use it as a stove and place one of our popular Jägarstekpannor on the grate. If you need to top up with some instant coffee, it is perfectly fine to place one of our coffee pots directly on the grate.

Enjoy outdoor cooking

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